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Guangyao Jianmin online pharmacy was established by the best efforts of GP Corp. It is one of the first online pharmacies approved by the SFDA in South China. Guangyao Jianmin online pharmacy possesses an intensive procurement model, a wide range of products, and a comprehensive quality management system. Our online pharmacy revolves around “professionalism, convenience, and affordability”. We aim to provide our customers with tailored consumption experience.

Guangyao Jianmin Online Pharmacy is operated in accordance with related laws and regulations of the state. In particular, we have been adhering to the Specification of Pharmaceutical Quality Management. We aim to optimize our existing system from staff training, purchase of goods, inspection, product storage, transportation, etc. . In addition, we endeavor to ensure the quality of our products and protect our consumers by providing best-quality and safe pharmaceutical products. Being customer-friendly, we present detailed and straightforward descriptions of our products to familiarize our customers with the category and characteristics of the products. Besides posting high definition pictures of the products, guide books and brochures on our website, we established a hot line 400-163-2323 through which our customers can inquire anything in their concern. In addition, Guangyao Jianmin online pharmacy forged strategic cooperation with a great many of 3PL companies so that our products can reach our customers faster with lower costs.


Wide range of varieties

Jianmin Online Pharmacy has more than 7000 varieties, while a break-and-mortar store shall have 2000 varieties at maximum. Prices of the products range from RMB 0.5 to more than RMB 9000

Advantage in pricing

Rent-free to reduce our costs. Zero-inventory to reduce our price. Prices in our online pharmacy is 10%--30% lower than those in break-and-mortar stores

Advantage in quality

We guarantee our quality through 10 major aspects and more than 190 controlling points. We are equipped with advanced humidity control machines, cold chain trunks, GPS-installed vehicles, etc.